Foodstuffs: The Perks of Being a Regular



At the long polished granite bar at Sushi Time in Plaistow, Beth and David Cacchiotti take their seats. The bartender puts two yellow drinks in front of them. "Did you just order?" I ask Beth, pointing to her drink. "I didn't need to order," she replies. "He just knows." On this Saturday afternoon, it's a Mai Tai. Other days, it's a martini. "I could go either way," she says. Beth and David Cacciotti live in Atkinson, the next town over. They've both lived in a lot of places, and these days they're looking for a little stability. But after moving here they discovered making new friends isn't what it used to be. "You know if you don't have any kids in the school system, depending on your activities, it's difficult to make new friends. And this was a...

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